Content Planning LIVE 2021

content planning live

Are you struggling with what to post on your social media sites? Running out of ideas on what to post to increase your engagement, traffic and call to actions?

Zoe, the ZC Team, and guests share with you some great content, strategies, and tips on how to get more organised, plan and generate new ideas for your Social media content.

Content Planning LIVE has speakers from both the ZC Team and special guests sharing with you; content strategy, Canva techniques, video creation, planning ideas, and much more!

We also had a LIVE face-to-face day, however for those of you who couldn't make the day we share with you the "90 Day Content Planning Session that brings all your knowledge and ideas to plan out the next 90 days of the year!

Any questions or shares we would love to hear them in the Growth Academy Facebook Group!

The Session Recordings